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by Sarah

The One with All the Guests

June 29, 2016 in recap


Why have regular book club when you can have PARTY book club?

It’s all the elements of book club you love — food, alcohol, and discussions about book titles — with added people!

For a limited time only, your book club can be changed to PARTY book club. For only $9.95, PARTY book club throws in 6 new people to help spice up your book club experience!

But wait! There’s more!

Act now, and we’ll also throw in extra food, tons of excited conversation, and NEW PAINT!

That’s right! With PARTY book club, you could have book club hosted in a house that’s in the MIDDLE of being PAINTED!

This limited-time offer for PARTY book club is only good for the month of June, because if Sarah repeated it too often, her friends would probably desert book club forever. So act now, before this too-good-to-be-true offer is too far gone!


Real book club notes:

Sarah texts Des and Jen in the afternoon to let them know extra people will be at book club.

They show up and are immediately surrounded by a swarm of Sarah’s family — her parents, grand parents, and sister — with the fun addition of new paint being everywhere, a toddler mopey from daycare, and a meal being planned that’s big enough for all nine.

Luckily all is fine — Jen even livens up the party by bringing adorable flowers for both Sarah and Des to help them celebrate their half birthdays (Thanks, Jen!). Everyone eats, we talk about all kinds of books (barely anything about the book we actually read, although a little speculation about Poehler and Arnett’s divorce), and then everything splits into chaos for dessert and cleanup.

Des and Jen were good enough to stay after Sarah’s family left, dutifully aww-ing at the backyard yard work and then scheduling the next book club. Both were kind to say that Sarah’s family was nice and the food was good. Next book club will be more low key 🙂



by Sarah

March Recap

March 30, 2016 in recap

We read Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and that book glows in the dark.

That’s literally all I remember because I am the worst. According to our calendar it was on March 29, so there’s that.

I actually don’t feel that bad because technically I’m posting three recaps in one day and that’s pretty amazing.

Hooray book club!

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