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The Forgotten Garden… and AN ADVENTURE- November book club

November 26, 2014 in recap




Sarah noticed this tweet from Counter Culture about an event at Busy Bee (sorry the image is small, I didn’t feel like fiddling to resize)




and she tweeted at Jen and I that we should have more book club field trips…




I’m always at Busy Bee so I invited them to come along….




But then we just decided to have book club at Busy Bee!




All of this occurred the morning of book club… we’re so spontaneous and adventurous!





A couple of my favorite bartenders were working and we stalked the bar until some seats became available. We each got a beer and Jen started us off with loaded tots. Obviously there’s not a picture of the tots because they disappeared pretty quickly. Then Jen and Sarah shared…. a burger? And I got short ribs, I think. We talked about the book, which everyone agreed was maybe a little bit like one of our favorites*The Thornbirds, but not as depressing.

Then we chatted about current events, our need to see Pitch Perfect 2, and how it feels to be adopted.



*The Thornbirds was a very good but very long and very depressing book.


For dessert, we wandered over to Bittersweet, my other favorite place, and got drinks and dessert. I failed to take pictures…  My friend Tony (That’s him in the background) made me a modified French 75. Sarah got a dirty gin martini, and Jen got a Laura Palmer.




We shared the Bacon-apple cobbler and a carrot cake cupcake. The cupcake below is not our actual cupcake, but still a carrot cake cupcake from Bittersweet!



We made our Saloon Christmas plans for December in which we are reading short stories/essays and going to The Pit!

After this book club adventure, we all agreed we need to do it more often. Super fun!

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