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by Sarah

April Recap

May 21, 2014 in recap

Well, apparently I’m competitive, because when Jen double-dog dared someone in her last post to beat her 20-minutes-prior publish record, I tried to do just that.

Okay, that’s a lie. I didn’t really try. I actually came to the website to look over any articles in the group space before book club tonight. I noticed on the homepage that March’s recap was the most recent, and I genuinely thought, “OMG, what slacker hasn’t posted yet?” This slacker, turns out.

But is that really a surprise? Through haiku-abbreviated posts and MadLibs inspired shortcuts, I am forever looking for a way to post creatively but quickly to the recap site. Des is the queen of timely posts, Jen is the president of detailed posts, and I am the great and powerful, slack-tastic loser, bringing up the caboose. Choo-choo!

Given the fact that I didn’t even remember that I was the one hosting in April, there’s not a prayer for me remembering specifics. I know we ate one of my frozen casseroles, from the great casserole storage project that I started pre-Sawyer. I think it was the last enchilada one. I also know that we read our first romance novel, A Marriage Bargain (…The Marriage Bargain? I’m so lazy I’m not even checking at this point.). Best of all, I distinctly remember that we were all a bit stressed and tired, and that instead of putting ourselves through the necessary steps of Book Club we opted instead to gossip and snack while Matt and Sawyer hung out upstairs. I remember it being a fun night, and I remember my friends leaving at around 8 without complaining about the extremely early Glova household bedtime, both of which were very nice.

I love book club. I love writing. Why I can’t bring myself to write better about book club is beyond me… I guess it’s like any combination. I love running, and I love cheeseburgers, but I don’t necessary want to run and eat a cheeseburger. Still, I once again promise to do better in the future. Otherwise, I’m afraid Jen and Des will eventually ban me from posting recaps, because at this point Sawyer could probably do better. (He has just started grabbing his toes… so clearly he’s a genius.)


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