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by Des

February 2014- The Giving Tree

February 18, 2014 in recap

February book club was Mr. Sawyer Glova’s first book club! So, in honor of him, and the time constraints of a new mom, we read The Giving Tree.

This month we relocated to Sarah’s house because she has a new baby. So, I arrived early and made dinner while Jen and Sarah “did some work.” That’s in quotes because we gossiped most of the time they were supposed to be working. Oops. But we had lots to catch up on! But, they eventually got their work done, and then Jen made a salad dressing and brought out her appetizer- crab dip with pita chips and vegetables.
Dinner was bacon-wrapped chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and for dessert I brought Coldstone ice cream with a few toppings so we could make sundaes!

We didn’t have much to talk about in the way of current events. Just how some people are stupid and get angry over dumb things… while not knowing that God Bless America is NOT the National Anthem. We looked at some weird pictures and then tried to entertain Sawyer. But he’s 3 weeks old so mostly he just slept.

So, short book club! We’re hoping we can bust Sarah out of the house to see Book of Mormon with us this week! Hopefully we’ll get back to normal with book club soon, but we like having a new member!

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