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by Des

The Thirteenth Tale- October 2013

October 28, 2013 in recap


This month Jen came over with some cheese dip thing and crackers. She made it extra-awesome by having it spew out of an apple’s mouth!



The entree was meatloaf with instant mashed potatoes. What can I say, I was a little lazy. But despite too many onions, it was good! We ended the night with Sarah’s Halloween cupcakes and a couple of rice krispie treats!

This month’s book was a little creepy, but I thought it would be fitting given the month. While there were aspects of the book some of us didn’t like, overall I think everyone found something interesting in it. Jen listened to it instead of reading it because she’s super busy… and that may have contributed to some of her dislike of the descriptions which the rest of us could skim over.

We put mostly Halloween music, although Jen gave us a JC song about a creepy doll and I ruined “Pumped Up Kicks” for everyone by pointing out the lyrics were “All you other kids with the pumped up kicks better run better run, outrun my gun…. something something something better run better run faster than my bullets” yeah. It sounds cheery, but it’s totally not.

We had our usual fun chat about current events. The highlights were: MISS AMERICA IS FROM AMERICA STOP BEING DUMB. Parents doing job interviews for children… seriously, wtf? Lip syncing contest on Jimmy Fallon where Joseph Gordon-Levitt is fabulous (when is he not?!)  Some things we didn’t want to know about our food…. like calamari is often times hog anus AND NO ONE HAS TO TELL YOU!!!  I made Sarah and Jen feel better by not knowing any of the authors/books on the National Book Awards Shortlist. And people in Japan don’t want to have sex.

Then we tried to schedule things in advance because Baby Bean Glova is coming sooooonnn!!! So, we have November, December Maggianos (reservations already made!) and January book and date picked!

Yay Saloon!

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