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The Name of the Wind- July 2013 and 2nd Salooniversary

July 15, 2013 in recap

Happy Salooniversary! It’s hard to believe we finished our 2nd year of book club together!



Because we wanted to celebrate on our actual anniversary, we had book club on a Saturday this time, which meant that we could start any time we wanted! So, we had an afternoon Saloon and started at 2. We decided not to do food and instead go out to dinner after our discussion. But, I felt bad about not having any snacks so I made a bean dip to tide us over.

While the boys played board games, we got down to business. First we talked about our anniversary. We listed our favorite foods (Jen;s buffalo chicken dip got a lot of votes!) and favorite books. We told our superlatives and had a laugh at what we all chose. Except me, because I couldn’t think of anything good. But, the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton, so I got the girls each a book-themed tshirt.

After that, we listened to some music, which was Overcoming Obstacles themed. I, of course, had lots of Disney movie songs and Jen had some classic rock in there. Sarah’s music didn’t get put in the Dropbox for some reason, but we will forgive her because her life is kind of crazy at the moment. She’s going to London for a couple of weeks!

Thirds for this month was to learn something new. Jen learned about Drupal, even though it wasn’t too fun and Sarah learned about fitness from a magazine. I learned about the Vanderbilt family since I was in Asheville on the third.

The Book!!!!
This month’s book was Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It’s pretty long (about 800 pages) so I gave them a lot of warning for it. So much so that Sarah finished it way before book club. She even finished the second one! (Just poking fun, ilu!) Overall, I think we all enjoyed the book, although we have differing opinions on a certain female character. Jen was not satisfied with the ending and didn’t realize it was a story being told in three “days” (books). And she had a hard time making the world work for her. Sarah also didn’t enjoy the lack of ending, but she started right away on the second book anyway. I hope the third book, which will hopefully come out sometime soon, will give us all some answers.

Current Events
Here’s what we talked about:
Parenting and promoting a healthy body image
The cost of having a baby…!!!!! Really expensive
The secrets of a happy family
Paula Deen
We watched a video of people cutting down trees the wrong way

Then we watched movie trailers until the boys were done playing their game. After that we went to Tribeca Tavern for dinner and ate way too much! It was a good Salooniversary and even though our lives are all different than they were 2 years ago, I hope we continue to celebrate our fun little book club! Yay!

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