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The Fault in Our Stars- April 2013

April 19, 2013 in recap

This month I was going to choose a long book. Like, over 700 pages long. But then I looked at everyone’s faces when I mentioned that and decided that the end of the semester might not be a good time for a long reading assignment. So, I chose a different, but equally good, book for this month. The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green. I gave fair warning that this book made me sob. SOB! And I never cry at books/movies (because I may or may not be a sociopath). But I wanted Jen and Sarah to know because they cry at commercials. And while I did give fair warning about the book, I still received this tweet:

sarah tweet

Anyway, we all really enjoyed the book and Jen and I really like the Tumblr that John Green has set up for the book. It is a YA book, but it is definitely one that appeals to adults as well. We agree that there is some sort of understanding that the author needs to finish a book rather than ending it in the middle of a sentence, and so while we would read An Imperial Affliction because we know that the protagonists love the book, if a randomly-chosen book ended that way, we would be pissed! I also learned that something being OK and forgiving someone can be/is two different things. But I have a hard time separating them, which is why i hold grudges. Meh. At least I’m self-aware and have forgiving friends 🙂 I won’t go too much into the book JUST IN CASE someone other than the 3 of us reads this… don’t want to give any spoilers. But we all agree it was a great book and you should totally read it. But have tissues handy.

This is going out of order, but dinner was simple for this book club. Jen brought some bread, cheese, and hummus (along with very pretty flowers). The bread with the hummus was really good. I noticed that she left it at my house. I would be angry, but that ish was tasty. I made tacos because i was feeling kind of lazy. And I burned the rice a little bit. Oops. But I think the queso made up for any of that. And Sarah made cinnamon rolls which were warm and sugary and delicious. She took the middle piece because Matt said something mean. It was funny at the time… I just wish I could remember what it was.

The music for this month was supposed to be about grief or living life to its fullest. Jen and Sarah put a bunch of sad songs on their lists… which was kind of expected. Jen kept it classic with Queen and Pink Floyd while Sarah added some Miranda Lambert country to the mix. I put a cheesy One Direction song and a hate-when-it-gets-stuck-in-your-head Ke$ha song on my list because I figured we would need songs about being young.

Thirds was kind of depressing this month as I asked everyone to write an obituary for someone still alive. And we would have to share it. I couldn’t finish mine because I wrote it for my twin brother. But I let them read what I wrote. It ended up being a eulogy instead of an obituary… but it was the same idea. Jen and Sarah BOTH wrote an obituary for themselves. It was a hard assignment for all of us, but I think it made us realize the kinds of people we hope to be, how we want to be remembered, and what the important things are. Matt also gave me some comfort because he told me there is a way to provide for my pets after I die. It seems silly to worry about that, but so many people don’t and then their pets end up in a shelter because no one wants to take care of them. Anyway, I feel better now.

We had a lot of current events this month. That’s what happens when Sarah posts stuff (j/k <3) But we had a lot to get through, and as always, we got sidetracked by some things. So, here’s a rundown in bullet form.

  • We agree that doctor-assisted suicide should be legal because who the hell are you, person in government, to tell me that if I’m dying anyway, I can’t choose the way I die. </rant>
  • We laughed at/were horrified by Pinterest, you are drunk. What are people thinking with some of these things?!
  • We want to buy GoldiBlocks and think it’s an awesome toy for girls
  • We wish there was an easy way to transition to natural gas… but there’s never an easy way, so we kind of just have to suck it up and do it before our world falls apart
  • This goes with several articles, so I’m just going to say it once: SOME PARENTS ARE INSANE. And not in any sort of good way.
  • Sarah has convinced me that cursive should maybe not be taught in schools. At least, not in the way, and for the dumbass reasons, they are proposing.
  • Men, by and large, are stupid and need to learn that women are PEOPLE.
  • We learned the art of the humblebrag, and while we all do it, some of us do it more than others. And it’s annoying.
  • Can’t wait for the new Hunger Games movie! November, why you so far away?!
  • Being an awesome mom and being a good friend are not mutually exclusive.

As always, this was another succesful book club even though Sarah (or Jen) could not name all of my cats. And Sophie kept trying to crawl onto Sarah’s lap, even though Sarah DID remember her name. 🙂 Can’t wait for the next one. Book, TBD.


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