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by Sarah

The Thorn Birds — August Saloon

September 24, 2012 in recap

Alright. Please understand:

  • I wasn’t avoiding this blog post. It wasn’t until about four days ago that I, with sudden, unfiltered DREAD, realized I hadn’t written one.
  • The last time we had book club, the iPhone 5 hadn’t even been announced yet. Now two of us have one. So… time has passed. Memories are fuzzy.
  • I really do like our blog tradition. I just like it more when one of you is writing.

So, August book club! We read The Thorn Birds, a multiple-generations drama (sorry) that has a LOT of tragedy (sorry) and a LOoOOOooooOOot of words (SORRY!). But it was important for me to share this one; it’s a book my Mom loves and has notoriously gifted to me three different times — each time forgetting that she had done so before — and that a lot of people I know love. I feel like we all agreed that it was a good story, good book, but I definitely don’t expect it to win any Saloon Superlatives next year.

Food was yummy, as always. Des brought… well, I think Des brought her appetizer things that she makes a lot. Right? Or was that at a game night right before book club? I’ll ask her tonight. her pigs in a blanket. I don’t know how I forgot that; I ate about 100 of them. [Edited on 10/1 at 8:37 a.m.] Anyway, then Jen made like a fruit tart dessert… it was good. So major points for Jen. I just made a pork loin and some mashed potatoes, which are one of my favorite things to make.

The Thirds! We all called someone just to say hello. …

I’ve enjoyed listening to the CD we made, so I do remember what was up with that. We all included songs that were sort of “passed down” to us, and there were some great ones, particularly Des’s “At Last” inclusion (get it, Etta!) and Jen’s At the Zoo (adorable). And, of course, my group was fabulous because Jimmy Buffett was in it (swoon).

And then we talked about current events, which I don’t remember. BUT I can guarantee that we discussed the following: (1) growing up nerd, (2) what we could do if we could change something from the past, (3) parenting and how a lot of parents aren’t great, and (4) something on YouTube.

ON THAT NOTE, I hereby swear that my NEXT book club summary will NOT be an atrocious, haphazard stream of conscious. My next recap will be thorough, AND I will NOT wait until the last minute. I PROMISE not to make you suffer through another she’s-being-funny-so-you-don’t-see-the-horrible-MESS kind of post.

Yay book club!

-The worst book club member. Ever.

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