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Time Traveler’s Wife Recap

April 10, 2012 in recap

This Saloon was a special one because it lasted ALL NIGHT! But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.

This month’s food was simple. We’re all super busy with lots of different things. So, Jen brought some bread and a yummy cheese spread. I made a spagetti and shrimp thing, which was a little bit spicier than I intended, and Sarah, hopped up on allergy medicine because of my 5 cats, brought chocolate-covered strawberries. We sat around and chatted for a little bit while we ate before we got down to business.


This month’s music theme was “Going Away songs.” We had a nice range of music but, as we often do, there were a few overlapping songs. We also came to a decision about our music. If we keep going the way we’re going, we’re (mostly I) going to run out of music, especially since we try not to repeat songs. So, now we’re doing 5 songs each instead of a whole CD. It’s an experiment. We’ll see how it works. 🙂


Overall, I think we all enjoyed the book. We had some good discussions about if we would want to time travel (no) and if we would be as patient as Clare (maybe). Also, Sarah remembered a scene that neither Jen nor I remembered happening. We realized it was because it was written in a strange way compared to the rest of the book. Good Job Sarah!

We talked about the purpose of Clare’s art and the characters and other aspects of how time travel affected all of their lives. It was a fun discussion and I’m glad we all enjoyed it.

Current Events

Sarah posted a video about old cell phones. It’s crazy to think people actually used a bag phone. So silly.

We talked about having your friends’ backs, even when they may not deserve it and how it’s nice to have friends like that. We agreed that it was okay if Target advertisements were sending us individualized coupons based on our spending habits. The NY Times article that Jen posted about it was actually an excerpt from a book I had recently read. Maybe we’ll all read it one of these months.

The guerrilla libraries in NYC phone booths were cool but it would be nicer if people actually used them how they were supposed to rather than just taking the books. It’s a cool concept that would be fun to participate in.

We had an interesting conversation about if gay twin brothers should be allowed to have a sexual/romantic relationship because of incest laws. I’m not sure we actually came to a conclusion other than, it’s not resulting in children so laws shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Or maybe that’s my own opinion. It’s a sticky situation, to say the least.

And finally, we talked about people’s reactions to having homeless people wear tshirts advertising themselves as hotspots during SXSW. We’re all for giving homeless people a way to make money. Stop whining. We’re not exploiting them. We’re employing them.

And then…

We left for the midnight show of The Hunger Games!

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