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by Sarah

“Cutting for Stone” Recap

March 22, 2012 in recap

So, what happened was…

This is the latest any one of us has EVER posted after a Saloon. It’s the day before our next meeting, and I’ve still got to do a recap. So, here’s what I can remember happened.

First, we had Des’s appetizer. She thought she was cheating by bringing some store-bought hummus, but what she didn’t know was that I would eat hummus everyday if I could. With a spoon. Yum yum yum. Then I think we had my stuffed shells for dinner, but I can’t remember, and some yummy chocolate mousse for dessert, right?. Food is awesome!

With the month of February in mind, we all enjoyed some love songs. Actually, first we enjoyed the fact that all three of us put Coldplay’s “Fix You” on our playlists (we were meant to be friends). Then we went through our lists one at a time, Des and I with love songs and Jen with her themed love playlist (Family love, friend love, etc.). It was lovely (hah!).

Book Discussion
The first book discussion question was a good one: “Why did we read this book?” I admitted the reason right away, which I hadn’t mentioned before… Matt’s Mom told me about this book. I was so surprised reading it, because it was very graphic and had some interesting angles on sex, medicine, America, family… all kinds of things. I liked knowing that she had read it, and it made the book all the more special for me. That was met with a bit of an “Oooooohhh,” since my poor friends didn’t understand why their typically happy friend Sarah told them to read a book that had some pretty sad parts.

We talked a lot about the characters, what they meant to one another, and what Sister Mary meant in her letter. Then we talked about some other awesome stuff that I’d be able to describe if I’d written this freaking recap sooner.

Current Events
Luckily we have a group forum that tells me what we talked about, so I have some idea. We talked a bit about the republican primaries, but not much, since we all agreed that we need to do more research. We still managed to come up with a couple crazy quotes from Santorum, though, and I think this was still before all the contraception craziness hit. Then we went over Jen’s friend’s list of books for her bookclub, which was neat. We came up with a couple ideas (although, as far as I know, Jen still hasn’t picked her book yet… says the girl who’s just now posting her recap). We also talked about SOPA, Facebook, and Pinterest, although I can’t really remember anything we said.

So, overall, I totally suck, and it was a great book club. And I think I will TOTALLY post earlier next time, although I can’t make any promises.

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