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    Why have regular book club when you can have PARTY book club?

    It’s all the elements of book club you love — food, alcohol, and discussions about book titles — with added people!

    For a limited […]

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    Wow. Been awhile, internet. My apologies for our mess. We got hacked some and had some bad custom experiences with Bluehost (don’t use Bluehost) and then moved the site and then some fun site restoring processes, […]

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    We read Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and that book glows in the dark.

    That’s literally all I remember because I am the worst. According to our calendar it was on March 29, so there’s that.

    I actually d […]

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    Well, this won’t be the latest recap ever written – book club is still, like, SEVEN HOURS away so I’m way ahead of schedule at this point. The bad news is I can’t remember anything about the book club…

    I know […]

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    I got to host bookclub yesterday, in November, and you know what that means — EASY HOLIDAY THEME!

    Things we are THANKFUL for after our Thanksgiving bookclub:

    We are thankful for books. 
    We love books […]

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    It’s September. September 22nd, even. The last day of summer…

    And I’m writing the August recap.

    Here’s another factoid — I also just created the group space for August bookclub. That’s right — the group […]

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    So Des came over today to borrow one of my kick-ass suitcases and as we hung out talking I mentioned doing the July recap and she asked if I had remembered to mention that we didn’t invite her (I’ll come back to […]

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    As usual, things were chaotic. It was my turn to host but we had just closed on Cam’s place and moved all his stuff so my house was a pile of boxes and spare furniture that didn’t fit into storage. It was also […]

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    We read Three Wishes, the second book by author Liane Moriarty that our club has enjoyed. (First: What Alice Forgot.)

    Three Wishes received a warm thumbs-up, which was nice for me since I normally pick […]

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    Whew! Here we are again, in the shadow of next month’s book club, writing last month’s recap. Well, we’re consistent at least!

    Let’s see. Book club for April was at my (Jen) house. We had lots to talk about […]

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    Can I get a pass on this one, because (1) book club was less than two weeks ago, so I haven’t had NEARLY the amount of procrastination time I’m supposed to, and (2) I was supposed to have time to write this today […]

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    Turns out we all survived the holidays – barely – but in all the chaos of the new year we got a bit behind. Flu season hit hard, there were a couple funerals to attend, and getting back to work made for a […]

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    ThumbnailI used my brain to come up with this post strategy. Thanks, David Rock!

    Book club was:









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    Ok, I swear I wasn’t trying  to wait until the last minute to post this, it just happened. But I really think I may have taken the award for latest post, at least so far. I’m sure someone can beat me.

    Naturally […]

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    It’s the day before book club and the recap post for the previous month is just now going up… bet you can guess who’s writing it.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="473"] This guy. (Well, this girl.)[/caption]


    Thanks for the reminder, Des. I try to pretend I’ve got it together, but I appreciate that it may be hard to be my friend sometimes…


    Anyway! On with the belated recap.

    Our last book club was held on July 22nd.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] Thank you Google Calendar.[/caption]


    I either cooked a crock pot or casserole, because those are the only things that new moms cook, apparently.


    We started talking about the book…

    The Storied Life of AJ Finkery. We all agreed it was pretty good. We also got some short story ideas for December, if we do the short story thing again, since it referenced a bunch of those.

    It was also fun reading a book about a book store. Kind of like book porn for book lovers…

    We talked about current events for a while, but not for too long, because Jen is the only one that posted. Poor Jen…

    Our favorites from the Current Events section included: (1) “If Google was a Guy”…

    and  (2) the awesome tiny girl gymnast.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="635"] How is that even real.[/caption]

    It was a short book club overall. After chatting, we enjoyed some ice cream that Jen brought over.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="900"] ICE CREAMMMMMMM[/caption]

    then we called it a night pretty early, which was convenient because Jen could go spend time with her beau for their 6-month anniversary.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] but seriously, congrats Cam and Jen :)[/caption]

    Anyway, at this point in my recap, I normally promise to do better. Like, maybe I’ll be less awful and post current events before next book club! But since next book club is tomorrow…


    I just hope that everyone knows, despite my attempts to demonstrate otherwise through my embarrassingly awful book club recaps, I do love book club, the chance to hang out with my friends, and the different books we read.

    Until next time!

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    Hello book clubbers! Here we are at the recap for June, 2014’s book club and I confess: it’s been a few weeks. I just like to wait to post so I can check to make sure I don’t have Alzheimer’s yet. Which will be a […]

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    Well, apparently I’m competitive, because when Jen double-dog dared someone in her last post to beat her 20-minutes-prior publish record, I tried to do just that.

    Okay, that’s a lie. I didn’t really try. I […]

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