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Gulp- September recap

October 19, 2015 in recap

It’s been a while since our September book club… so here is what I remember:

  • We were going to go out but Matt and Sarah got schedules confused so we went to Sarah’s instead and ate pizza!!!
  • We all mostly liked Gulp but there was a lot of talk about poop. But overall, the content was interesting.
  • I’m sure we gossiped about our lives and Jen’s upcoming wedding celebration.

BUT THE HIGHLIGHT was watching Dinosaur Train with Mr. Sawyer and listening to Sarah sing us the theme song WORD FOR WORD. It was super impressive.

I’m sure other stuff was chatted about but it was a while ago and I forgot to take notes. It was a fun book club, as they always are. But as for recaps, I kinda suck. I’ll try to make the next one better!

by Des

The Martian- June 2015

June 30, 2015 in recap

June book club and my (Des) half birthday! We were supposed to have a book club pool party, but Sarah needed to reschedule because she had some silly trip to Qatar. Geesh.

Since it was my half birthday and my turn to host, I chose to go to Oak City Meatball Shoppe. Sarah and Jen had never been there and I think it was a hit! Here are some things we chatted about over dinner and beer:

  • Sarah’s trip to the Disneyland of the Middle East. Apparently it’s very hot there. 🙂
  • The not-so-fun task of trying to find and buy a house.
  • The book was so good! Everyone really liked the book and the main character. We are afraid the movie is going to mess things up.
  • How well Neville Longbottom grew up.
  • But also how we’re not super excited about the Fantastic Beasts movie that is being made into 3 movies or some nonsense.
  • There was a Gilmore Girls reunion that required our attention. Do we all agree on Jess? I know we all agree with what Luke said… but, c’mon. Jess.
  • The bamboo ceiling is a thing, apparently? It’s harder to Asian kids to get into Ivy League universities because otherwise there would be more Asians than white people. Crazy.

After our lovely dinner, in which Sarah was the only one to get something remotely healthy (she ordered broccolini), we headed to Busy Bee for dessert. Jen and Sarah shared some brownie thing and I got a yummy cocktail. We chatted about boys and life and planned the next book club, which will be our 4th anniversary!

by Des

Looking for Alaska- March 2015

April 15, 2015 in recap

It was a quick turn around between February and March book club. We scheduled it early because one of us always ends up having to change the date… but this time that didn’t happen. Good thing Looking for Alaska is pretty short!

So, we read our second John Green novel, which is the first one he wrote. Personally, this is one of my favorite books ever but having read The Fault in Our Stars first, Jen expected more from it. I think everyone enjoyed it overall, though.

Because of the quick turn around, there weren’t many current events on the forum. We chatted a bit about how punctuation is changing now that there’s certain connotations associated with it because of texting. It was pretty interesting.

What was even MORE interesting, though, was what Jen showed up with at book club. We decided to do another outing and so we met at Centro in downtown Raleigh for dinner. She pulled a little box out of her purse and showed us her ENGAGEMENT RING!!! She had just picked them up. She wasn’t technically engaged (but she is now!!!) so she couldn’t wear the ring, but we got to see the sparkly beautiful ring and get all girly over it.

We spent dinner gossiping about life and other fun things. We drank some margaritas, then went upstairs to the new bar and had another drink. Again, I forgot to take pictures because I’m awful.

I feel like I can’t convey how fun this evening was… partly because you had to be there, partly because I’m a horrible writer, and partly because I’ve been slacking and it’s been a month!

Lots of fun stuff going on!

by Des

December book club- Essays and holidays!

January 26, 2015 in recap

As we have done in the past, for December book club this year, we decided to do short stories/essays instead of a book. We also did our traditional dinner and gift exchange!

So, we started with dinner at Capital Club 16. We got some appetizers and talked about our essays. Jen and I both picked essays/articles about happiness. Well, hers was about happiness and mine was about depression, but they worked together. Sarah picked a poem that was thought-provoking.

We talked about the current events as we ate our dinners and then gossiped a little before we headed to Bittersweet for dessert cocktails. There we exchanged presents and chatted some more.

It was a super fun night out. Now on to the new year!


Edit: I’m the worst. Pictures coming soon.

by Des

The Forgotten Garden… and AN ADVENTURE- November book club

November 26, 2014 in recap




Sarah noticed this tweet from Counter Culture about an event at Busy Bee (sorry the image is small, I didn’t feel like fiddling to resize)




and she tweeted at Jen and I that we should have more book club field trips…




I’m always at Busy Bee so I invited them to come along….




But then we just decided to have book club at Busy Bee!




All of this occurred the morning of book club… we’re so spontaneous and adventurous!





A couple of my favorite bartenders were working and we stalked the bar until some seats became available. We each got a beer and Jen started us off with loaded tots. Obviously there’s not a picture of the tots because they disappeared pretty quickly. Then Jen and Sarah shared…. a burger? And I got short ribs, I think. We talked about the book, which everyone agreed was maybe a little bit like one of our favorites*The Thornbirds, but not as depressing.

Then we chatted about current events, our need to see Pitch Perfect 2, and how it feels to be adopted.



*The Thornbirds was a very good but very long and very depressing book.


For dessert, we wandered over to Bittersweet, my other favorite place, and got drinks and dessert. I failed to take pictures…  My friend Tony (That’s him in the background) made me a modified French 75. Sarah got a dirty gin martini, and Jen got a Laura Palmer.




We shared the Bacon-apple cobbler and a carrot cake cupcake. The cupcake below is not our actual cupcake, but still a carrot cake cupcake from Bittersweet!



We made our Saloon Christmas plans for December in which we are reading short stories/essays and going to The Pit!

After this book club adventure, we all agreed we need to do it more often. Super fun!

by Des

Code Name Verity- August book club

September 8, 2014 in recap


August book club! Let’s start with the food! Jen brought some mini tacos and chicken taquitos from the freezer section. They were pretty good and added a little variety to our dinner. I made fried chicken cutlets and a spinach blueberry salad with homemade candied walnuts and a cranberry-pear balsamic vinaigrette. For dessert, Sarah brought various colors of freezy pop and the season’s first pumpkin beer! We also drank some pinot grigio out of big goblets because I don’t own regular wine glasses. It made the dinner a little more fancy 🙂

This month’s book was a young adult novel set during WWII. It is the story of two girls who are friends and one is a pilot and the other does some intelligence/spy work. It has another book that is kind of a sequel in that some of the characters appear in the second book, but they are definitely independent of each other. That one is called Rose under Fire. We all enjoyed the book even though it was sad.
Sarah told us a funny story about how she bought a book called Code Name Verde and started reading it and wanted to kill me because it was so bad. So, be sure you’re getting the right book!

Here’s what I learned from current events: People are crazy, especially when they tell you why you’re not invited to something LIKE WE CARE, but you should tell your friends when they’re being crazy. We also learned how to be polite (ask questions instead of talking all the time) and how to enjoy life at any age. It kind of reminded me of a line from the Sex in the City movie (it’s been on TV a lot so it’s recent in my mind. It’s not like I own it or anything.) The line goes something like “Enjoy yourself, that’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons. Your 40s are to pay for the drinks.”

And, we chatted about our lives and how things were going. Sophie was determined to be pet by Sarah, even though Sarah kept politely pushing her away. I think the rest of the cats were mostly well behaved 🙂


by Des

The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox- May recap

June 13, 2014 in recap

May’s book club started with Jen’s dips and pita chips. She also brought some sort of cheese thing that my cat Sophie really liked. I made beef stew for dinner and we had ice cream for dessert.

Everyone seemed to like the book, although I forgot about a certain part with a baby in it and Sarah cried her eyes out over it. Oops. We had an interesting discussion about the book and the ending, but I won’t give any spoilers.

Current events was filled with chats about various videos and getting older. Lots of things have been going on, so I don’t really remember.

This is a sucky recap. I’ll do better next time.

by Des

February 2014- The Giving Tree

February 18, 2014 in recap

February book club was Mr. Sawyer Glova’s first book club! So, in honor of him, and the time constraints of a new mom, we read The Giving Tree.

This month we relocated to Sarah’s house because she has a new baby. So, I arrived early and made dinner while Jen and Sarah “did some work.” That’s in quotes because we gossiped most of the time they were supposed to be working. Oops. But we had lots to catch up on! But, they eventually got their work done, and then Jen made a salad dressing and brought out her appetizer- crab dip with pita chips and vegetables.
Dinner was bacon-wrapped chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and for dessert I brought Coldstone ice cream with a few toppings so we could make sundaes!

We didn’t have much to talk about in the way of current events. Just how some people are stupid and get angry over dumb things… while not knowing that God Bless America is NOT the National Anthem. We looked at some weird pictures and then tried to entertain Sawyer. But he’s 3 weeks old so mostly he just slept.

So, short book club! We’re hoping we can bust Sarah out of the house to see Book of Mormon with us this week! Hopefully we’ll get back to normal with book club soon, but we like having a new member!

by Des

The Thirteenth Tale- October 2013

October 28, 2013 in recap


This month Jen came over with some cheese dip thing and crackers. She made it extra-awesome by having it spew out of an apple’s mouth!



The entree was meatloaf with instant mashed potatoes. What can I say, I was a little lazy. But despite too many onions, it was good! We ended the night with Sarah’s Halloween cupcakes and a couple of rice krispie treats!

This month’s book was a little creepy, but I thought it would be fitting given the month. While there were aspects of the book some of us didn’t like, overall I think everyone found something interesting in it. Jen listened to it instead of reading it because she’s super busy… and that may have contributed to some of her dislike of the descriptions which the rest of us could skim over.

We put mostly Halloween music, although Jen gave us a JC song about a creepy doll and I ruined “Pumped Up Kicks” for everyone by pointing out the lyrics were “All you other kids with the pumped up kicks better run better run, outrun my gun…. something something something better run better run faster than my bullets” yeah. It sounds cheery, but it’s totally not.

We had our usual fun chat about current events. The highlights were: MISS AMERICA IS FROM AMERICA STOP BEING DUMB. Parents doing job interviews for children… seriously, wtf? Lip syncing contest on Jimmy Fallon where Joseph Gordon-Levitt is fabulous (when is he not?!)  Some things we didn’t want to know about our food…. like calamari is often times hog anus AND NO ONE HAS TO TELL YOU!!!  I made Sarah and Jen feel better by not knowing any of the authors/books on the National Book Awards Shortlist. And people in Japan don’t want to have sex.

Then we tried to schedule things in advance because Baby Bean Glova is coming sooooonnn!!! So, we have November, December Maggianos (reservations already made!) and January book and date picked!

Yay Saloon!

by Des

The Name of the Wind- July 2013 and 2nd Salooniversary

July 15, 2013 in recap

Happy Salooniversary! It’s hard to believe we finished our 2nd year of book club together!



Because we wanted to celebrate on our actual anniversary, we had book club on a Saturday this time, which meant that we could start any time we wanted! So, we had an afternoon Saloon and started at 2. We decided not to do food and instead go out to dinner after our discussion. But, I felt bad about not having any snacks so I made a bean dip to tide us over.

While the boys played board games, we got down to business. First we talked about our anniversary. We listed our favorite foods (Jen;s buffalo chicken dip got a lot of votes!) and favorite books. We told our superlatives and had a laugh at what we all chose. Except me, because I couldn’t think of anything good. But, the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton, so I got the girls each a book-themed tshirt.

After that, we listened to some music, which was Overcoming Obstacles themed. I, of course, had lots of Disney movie songs and Jen had some classic rock in there. Sarah’s music didn’t get put in the Dropbox for some reason, but we will forgive her because her life is kind of crazy at the moment. She’s going to London for a couple of weeks!

Thirds for this month was to learn something new. Jen learned about Drupal, even though it wasn’t too fun and Sarah learned about fitness from a magazine. I learned about the Vanderbilt family since I was in Asheville on the third.

The Book!!!!
This month’s book was Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It’s pretty long (about 800 pages) so I gave them a lot of warning for it. So much so that Sarah finished it way before book club. She even finished the second one! (Just poking fun, ilu!) Overall, I think we all enjoyed the book, although we have differing opinions on a certain female character. Jen was not satisfied with the ending and didn’t realize it was a story being told in three “days” (books). And she had a hard time making the world work for her. Sarah also didn’t enjoy the lack of ending, but she started right away on the second book anyway. I hope the third book, which will hopefully come out sometime soon, will give us all some answers.

Current Events
Here’s what we talked about:
Parenting and promoting a healthy body image
The cost of having a baby…!!!!! Really expensive
The secrets of a happy family
Paula Deen
We watched a video of people cutting down trees the wrong way

Then we watched movie trailers until the boys were done playing their game. After that we went to Tribeca Tavern for dinner and ate way too much! It was a good Salooniversary and even though our lives are all different than they were 2 years ago, I hope we continue to celebrate our fun little book club! Yay!

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