The Story of Science — August Recap

September 22, 2015 in recap

It’s September. September 22nd, even. The last day of summer…

And I’m writing the August recap.

Here’s another factoid — I also just created the group space for August bookclub. That’s right — the group space: the place where we add questions about the book, current event, music suggestions (except no one does that), basically all the things we want to save and then talk about during book club; I JUST MADE THE GROUP SPACE for the August book club… that happened a month ago.

It was mainly for posterity. Didn’t want there to not be a group for that book… even if we don’t use the group.

ANYWAY. It’s the last day of summer, I’m more than three weeks too late even posting the group space, and I’m going to talk about August book club.



Let’s talk about alternate universes for a second.

Like, how there is possibly an alternate universe where I don’t procrastinate and do things in an appropriate time frame.

There is possibly an alternative universe where I take scrupulous notes during book club so that I can post scientifically detailed recaps.

There is possibly an alternative universe where Jen, Des and I are actually famous book authors and we only have book clubs to talk about our own published works because we’re just that amazing — and then no one has to write recaps because THEY’RE OUR OWN BOOKS, PEOPLE. How do you like them apples.


Of course, there is possibly an alternative universe where Jen, Des and I aren’t friends. A universe where we didn’t start book club at all. A universe where we didn’t meet in that fateful graduate school class. A universe where our lives never intersected, our friendships never started, and our nights of book loving and food enjoying and life bashing and girl-power supporting and movie preview watching… none of those ever happened.


SO. In the grand scheme of things, even though I post recaps way last minute and maybe this last time didn’t even remember to make a group, even though I’m running out of ways to be quippy about my lackluster recaps, and even though our book clubs aren’t quite as detailed and well run as they were in year one… even though ALL THOSE THINGS…

it’s still better than the alternate universe where we’re not friends.

So I say we just accept this one for what it is and embrace messy recaps and late groups.


Oh! And before I forget… we had a book club in August. We went to brunch at Busy Bee, sat outside, talked about The Story of Science and how it missed the boat on more recent scientists, then gossiped about all things boys and work and family and clothes and life. 


I love my friends. Thanks, universe.

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