The Martian- June 2015

June 30, 2015 in recap

June book club and my (Des) half birthday! We were supposed to have a book club pool party, but Sarah needed to reschedule because she had some silly trip to Qatar. Geesh.

Since it was my half birthday and my turn to host, I chose to go to Oak City Meatball Shoppe. Sarah and Jen had never been there and I think it was a hit! Here are some things we chatted about over dinner and beer:

  • Sarah’s trip to the Disneyland of the Middle East. Apparently it’s very hot there. 🙂
  • The not-so-fun task of trying to find and buy a house.
  • The book was so good! Everyone really liked the book and the main character. We are afraid the movie is going to mess things up.
  • How well Neville Longbottom grew up.
  • But also how we’re not super excited about the Fantastic Beasts movie that is being made into 3 movies or some nonsense.
  • There was a Gilmore Girls reunion that required our attention. Do we all agree on Jess? I know we all agree with what Luke said… but, c’mon. Jess.
  • The bamboo ceiling is a thing, apparently? It’s harder to Asian kids to get into Ivy League universities because otherwise there would be more Asians than white people. Crazy.

After our lovely dinner, in which Sarah was the only one to get something remotely healthy (she ordered broccolini), we headed to Busy Bee for dessert. Jen and Sarah shared some brownie thing and I got a yummy cocktail. We chatted about boys and life and planned the next book club, which will be our 4th anniversary!

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