Looking for Alaska- March 2015

April 15, 2015 in recap

It was a quick turn around between February and March book club. We scheduled it early because one of us always ends up having to change the date… but this time that didn’t happen. Good thing Looking for Alaska is pretty short!

So, we read our second John Green novel, which is the first one he wrote. Personally, this is one of my favorite books ever but having read The Fault in Our Stars first, Jen expected more from it. I think everyone enjoyed it overall, though.

Because of the quick turn around, there weren’t many current events on the forum. We chatted a bit about how punctuation is changing now that there’s certain connotations associated with it because of texting. It was pretty interesting.

What was even MORE interesting, though, was what Jen showed up with at book club. We decided to do another outing and so we met at Centro in downtown Raleigh for dinner. She pulled a little box out of her purse and showed us her ENGAGEMENT RING!!! She had just picked them up. She wasn’t technically engaged (but she is now!!!) so she couldn’t wear the ring, but we got to see the sparkly beautiful ring and get all girly over it.

We spent dinner gossiping about life and other fun things. We drank some margaritas, then went upstairs to the new bar and had another drink. Again, I forgot to take pictures because I’m awful.

I feel like I can’t convey how fun this evening was… partly because you had to be there, partly because I’m a horrible writer, and partly because I’ve been slacking and it’s been a month!

Lots of fun stuff going on!

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