Gulp- September recap

October 19, 2015 in recap

It’s been a while since our September book club… so here is what I remember:

  • We were going to go out but Matt and Sarah got schedules confused so we went to Sarah’s instead and ate pizza!!!
  • We all mostly liked Gulp but there was a lot of talk about poop. But overall, the content was interesting.
  • I’m sure we gossiped about our lives and Jen’s upcoming wedding celebration.

BUT THE HIGHLIGHT was watching Dinosaur Train with Mr. Sawyer and listening to Sarah sing us the theme song WORD FOR WORD. It was super impressive.

I’m sure other stuff was chatted about but it was a while ago and I forgot to take notes. It was a fun book club, as they always are. But as for recaps, I kinda suck. I’ll try to make the next one better!

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