The Storied Life of AJ Finkery—July Bookclub

August 25, 2014 in recap

It’s the day before book club and the recap post for the previous month is just now going up… bet you can guess who’s writing it.

This guy. (Well, this girl.)


Thanks for the reminder, Des. I try to pretend I’ve got it together, but I appreciate that it may be hard to be my friend sometimes…


Anyway! On with the belated recap.

Our last book club was held on July 22nd.

Thank you Google Calendar.


I either cooked a crock pot or casserole, because those are the only things that new moms cook, apparently.


We started talking about the book…

The Storied Life of AJ Finkery. We all agreed it was pretty good. We also got some short story ideas for December, if we do the short story thing again, since it referenced a bunch of those.

It was also fun reading a book about a book store. Kind of like book porn for book lovers…

We talked about current events for a while, but not for too long, because Jen is the only one that posted. Poor Jen…

Our favorites from the Current Events section included: (1) “If Google was a Guy”…

and  (2) the awesome tiny girl gymnast.

How is that even real.

It was a short book club overall. After chatting, we enjoyed some ice cream that Jen brought over.


then we called it a night pretty early, which was convenient because Jen could go spend time with her beau for their 6-month anniversary.

but seriously, congrats Cam and Jen 🙂

Anyway, at this point in my recap, I normally promise to do better. Like, maybe I’ll be less awful and post current events before next book club! But since next book club is tomorrow…


I just hope that everyone knows, despite my attempts to demonstrate otherwise through my embarrassingly awful book club recaps, I do love book club, the chance to hang out with my friends, and the different books we read.

Until next time!

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