All the Light We Cannnot See – September Book Club!

October 14, 2014 in recap

Ok, I swear I wasn’t trying  to wait until the last minute to post this, it just happened. But I really think I may have taken the award for latest post, at least so far. I’m sure someone can beat me.

Naturally I remember nothing that we did or talked about so this will truly be a pathetic recap. I just got super-excited when I finally remembered that I made tacos for dinner. Yay tacos! That’s it. That’s all I got.

Adding to my confusion is the fact that, though it was my turn to host and I made dinner, we actually had book club at Sarah’s. I feel that this justifies, at least in part, the next several paragraphs.

Appetizer was Sarah’s and I’m just gonna go ahead and say it was cheese and crackers. And grapes maybe? Close enough. Then I made tacos. Yay tacos! And Des brought dessert! Dessert was a “disgusting thing” Des brought. (These are her words not mine. I liked it! But it was really sweet.)

We talked about the book, which everyone agreed that they liked – huzzah! People liked several of the characters – the dad, the housekeeper, the boy, Werner. We agreed it was hard to read some parts- Werner, the young Nazi, is not a bad person, but is a victim of circumstances . It’s a beautiful tragedy, and while it’s lovely that the blind girl (Marie-Laure) lived to a ripe old age, you can’t help but be sad to never know what became of her father, and to feel like the jewel is a bit wasted hidden in the ocean. Anyway good.

We talked about a couple things – not many posts this month but still interesting. ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ is coming out soon, and we’re all so excited! We talked about a couple other movies – trailers are out for the new Hunger Games and Des and I wanted to go see ‘Gone Girl’ (and we did!). We talked about what a dick Kanye is (he wants people in wheelchairs to “stand up” for him, ugh). So it was a very light, fun, musical book club and now I have (somewhat) accurately recalled it for posterity, and officially taken the “latest recap post” award since it’s now 30 minutes into October book club. GO ME!


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