A Little Princess – March 2014

April 14, 2014 in recap

I dare you people to put up a later post than this. DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU. It’s 6:10pm and book club for April starts in 20 minutes. So I think I officially take “slacker” title for the month.

This was our first book club away from Sarah’s house post-Sawyer so that meant 1. yay Sarah! and 2. a very quick book club in between Sawyer feedings. But that’s ok, we’re pros at this now! We can power through these things double time.

So we started out with food. Sarah was the winner because over-achiever new mom brought homemade dip and veggies. Turns out they were “homemade” by her mother-in-law but it was still better than Des and I. Des brought super-tasty Girl Scout cookies and I was the biggest slacker ever and made a frozen pizza. Go me.

We read “A Little Princess” by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Des had never read it before; Sarah and I hadn’t read it since we were much younger. We agreed that it was a little bit predictable (though in its defense, it’s an older story and no doubt other stories have followed its concept). We also thought it was pretty absurd for her to be right next door to her future father and guardian and have him not know. We really felt for Becky, who had an equally hard time of it, more so without an education and good upbringing, but who remained a maid after Sara Crewe was rescued (albeit in better circumstances). All in all we liked it ok, and Sarah and I had a great deal of nostalgia in reading it, but Des, who taught us that there was apparently an unabridged version, wasn’t as impressed.

Our quick review of current events covered interesting topics like taking care of our elders (mandatory in some countries!), breast feeding in public (oh, the HUMANITY!), how to write an awesome Amazon review for pens (“I use it when I’m swimming, riding a horse, walking on the beach and doing yoga!”), horrible, entitled parents (Ooops! you forget to send a gift!!), and recognizing and dealing with anxiety amoung other things (I love parentheses; this thing shoulda been a run-on sentence 40 words ago).

So while a super-quick event it was FANTASTIC to catch up and check in and we really enjoyed our evening. Three cheers for getting out of the house and setting attainable goals! 🙂 And now it’s 6:27pm so I really MUST publish this.

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