The Great Train Robbery – November 2013

November 25, 2013 in recap

Here we are, right in the middle of fall 2013 and so naturally we’re all super-busy. The book club caught me between UNC CAUSE and WordCamp conferences, was mere days after Sarah’s baby shower, and was during an unnaturally stressful week so no big surprise, we were all a little strapped for time.

What WAS a big surprise was the book! Since I thought I had read it but hadn’t. Nope, not at all. Yes, that’s against the rules. I made a mistake and was thinking of a different book- one I *still* can’t find. Anyway, this book was not a great book and so I had to begin book club by apologizing for this profusely. The only thing worse than the book was the movie, which we didn’t watch but saw a trailer for – oh, the agony! Yeah, not my finest hour.

We did eat food too. Sarah and Matt brought a veggie tray. I stopped at Whole Foods for turkey burgers and carrots and made some asparagus as well to avoid feeling like a complete slacker. Des and Tim brought us apple pie and whipped cream which pretty much disappeared from the face of the planet in under 5 minutes.

Music! Des found some great travel songs, which was my request. I changed my musical theme midway through song selection since I felt like the book we read was more appropriate for songs about crimes (the book I’m thinking of had way more travel involved- east to west on a trip in the Canadian Rockies… what WAS that book??). Anyway I chose some travel songs and some crime songs. And Sarah chose to exercise her right not to pick. Which was probably for the best since we were all over the map (literally!).

We found some time to chat about a number of hot topics: Hunger Games and the new movie coming out; female spies and their impact on the war (and good books about that!); make-up and Virgin Airlines new Safety Dance! We also talked about proposed changes to grading in Wake county: no 0 grades and the opportunity to do make-up work at any time, and the teacher HAS to accept it! I swear we have more ridiculous administration and stupid student discussions every month – we really should have a blog for that. We also talked about NOT touching pregnant bellies and Bean Glova made himself known at his first book club by kicking his mom for us. 😀

There were more discussions throughout the evening, of course, and Matt and Tim played a couple riveting (for them) games of whatever games they brought with them. Nala tried to make Sarah sneeze and get Des to pet her non-stop for 3 hours. So yeah. Just about the same as usual, if not a little more stressed. Of course we are moving into December so it’s not like things are about to get less chaotic, but we have Maggiano’s on the schedule and of course, everyone’s favorite: gift exchange! Looking forward to it!

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