Crazy in Alabama – June 2013

July 8, 2013 in recap

Welcome to your June recap. Alas, I have no funny tricks up my sleeve for this post, no mad-lib style sentences or crossed-out thoughts to entertain my rather sparse summary. I do, however, have a deadline of finishing this post by the end of the week, since July book club is only a few days away. So, without further ado, here are the highlights of the evening:


Des and Tim arrived first, armed with some dangerous ranch bean dip. Because I was feeling lazy, we had Stouffer’s baked ziti for dinner with some Italian bread. We actually sat and talked for a while, because we were being nice and waiting for Matt to finish his client golf outing.

Matt arrived and we enjoyed dessert: french roll ups. This fun treat included all good things: white bread flattened into submission until it was almost pastry-like, different fillings (including cream cheese, strawberry or cherry jam, peanut butter, or–my favorite -Nutella), a fried coating of awesomeness, and powdered sugar. Tim and I spent a good few minutes hunting for all the Nutella ones, and I did find one (yum). Matt liked the peanut butter one a lot and I VERY CLEARLY REMEMBER that he wouldn’t share it with me. That’s right; I may not be able to remember where my keys are, but I remember when my husband is food selfish.

After dinner we talked about Jen and Des’s friend who found out she was pregnant, and we talked about babies and baby shower stuff for a while. Jen and Des both joked how they had no idea their friend was pregnant.

We finally switched into book club mode around 8:30, and the boys started playing games.


We started by talking about music, but both Jen and Des forgot their music! I shared my five songs (usual suspects — Taylor Swift, Jimmy Buffett, and a 90’s song, plus some Dave Matthews and Guns ‘n Roses), and they promised to add theirs later.


Crazy in Alabama. Jen mentioned that she was not sure of the two stories put together. Trouble relating to someone in the book, said Des. But, they both mentioned that they enjoyed trying something different, which is very similar to what you say when you try a gross food for the first time but don’t want to offend your friend chef. I talked about how I didn’t know the ending when I suggested that we read it. Also, I was most sad for the uncle, and I hope the post card was real.

Jen funny comment – she knew that a man wrote it, because the rising star actress character didn’t complain or worry about her weight once. Des and I laughed but admitted to Jen that we worried her thought process might be a little f**ked up. Jen agreed.


Sibling article: Jen and Sarah related to more. Des had funny comments about being a twin.

Funny articles: Things that look just like childhood, the 50 well timed pictures, and the five reasons your dating profile isn’t working. Also a funny lawnmower picture, which tied into the book.

Serious notes: The video of Patrick Stewart at Amnesty International (and I immediately went to Twitter to start following him); impressed at the Tony Award opening, which Jen promised to watch later; and, a short discussion of the cool ways to teach kids code.

Crazy stuff: Jen’s cats-on-reddit craze (Des admitted to already stalking for cat pictures) and women who can have a baby without knowing they were pregnant the whole time (we were pretty wary of those crazies); the “healthcare surcharge” on bills. We also read the short article on how Kanye West is absolutely crazy.

Fashionably late stuff: I shared some not-so-punctual links, but my favorite was the list of things you could buy to help you take a nap anywhere.

We ended with an article titled, “SUCCESS OF RESTAURANT’S ‘NO CHILDREN’ POLICY PROVES EVERYONE HATES YOUR KIDS AS MUCH AS YOU SECRETLY DO,” which is pretty self explanatory.


After we wrapped up early, we just hung out and talked for a while waiting for the boys to finish their game. We did take time to plan out Salooniversary and August book club, since summer dates are getting crazy.

Horray book club!

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