Holiday Saloon!

January 17, 2012 in recap

December’s Saloon was a bit unorthodox for various reasons. Because it was so close to the holidays and I had to take a last-minute trip to NY, we decided to have this month’s book club at Maggiano’s. When we go to the restaurant, Jen gave Sarah and me our birthday/Christmas present- dinner and a show! We’ve decided to see Wicked in May and we’re all super excited!

Even though this month’s Saloon was a little different, we still hit on the topics that we always do…

Since it’s the holiday season, we all made holiday CD’s. We listened to them in the car on the way to and from the restaurant. One of the favorites was sung by Cartman 🙂

At dinner, we discussed the book,The Art of Racing in the Rain. It seems we all liked it and would recommend it to other people. It wasn’t exactly a holiday book but it had the sort of ending that makes you feel good and that’s always good around Christmas time.

Current Events
Because we were at a restaurant we didn’t have our computers out to look at the current events we wanted to talk about. We did, however, discuss new year’s resolutions. Apparently, none of us make them. We do set goals, though, so we talked about those a little bit.

After gorging on pasta we popped into Barnes and Noble to browse around. It is book club, after all. Then We exchanged cookies (Well, Sarah and Jen made cookies…) and said good bye until our birthday celebration a few days later!

So, December’s book club was a big change from what we usually do but we were still able to keep the core of it. It’s good to know that we can be flexible when we need to be.

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