“Eyre Affair” Recap

January 24, 2012 in recap

New year, new Saloon! We had some false starts making sure we could find a day we could all make it- schedules get pretty busy pretty quick! Just when it seemed like we were ready to go and the rush of reading was completed, Sarah went and got her eyes lasered. Apparently she wanted to be able to see or something dumb like that, so off she went on the morning of Saloon (without telling us, I might add!) in order to go for super-powered vision at the hands of a very talented surgeon in Cary. So, although it almost threw a wrench in the works, congratulations on being able to see, Sarah!

Once we got Sarah to my place and settled her in with painkillers and wine we got down to the important stuff. Appetizers were edamame (Eeew! Oh, ok. They’re not bad), dinner was enchiladas and Des finally got to user her Cupcake Shoppe Groupon to provide an array of cupcakes for desert. We were pretty chill – especially considering how much we had to talk about! – and we sat around and chatted for awhile before moving on to the officially-sponsored Saloon activities for the evening.

I made Sarah and Des copies of the ‘Wicked’ soundtrack since we’ll be heading to Durham for the show this May. I recapped the songs, leaving out all but the necessary plot points and then made the girls suffer through the best of the bunch, “Defying Gravity” as my favorite selection. Since it was my job to pick a theme and I opted to just share “Wicked”, Sarah and Des didn’t have a theme to work with, so no CD. It was a bummer but may have saved some time for the evening.

I very selfishly made the girls read “Jane Eyre” before reading this months book, “The Eyre Affair” by Jasper Fforde. Ironically none of us had read it prior to reading the book so it was nice to get that classic on our lists and I, for one, really enjoyed the book – once Jane got on with growing up and leaving school, anyway.
We agreed that it was important to have read “Jane Eyre” before reading “The Eyre Affair” since knowing the story makes “Eyre Affair” infinitely more enjoyable. That being said it seems that my demand that they start with “Jane” gave them certain…. assumptions about what “The Eyre Affair” would be like. I’m not sure what exactly they expected, suffice to say it wasn’t evil corporations, time-traveling, literal bookworms that burp hyphens, and pet dodos. Go figure.
We chatted a bit about the evilness of Acheron Hades, whether the change in the book “Jane Eyre” was an improvement,  what we thought of the various characters including our heroine, Thursday. We all agreed that there was considerably too much action and plot crammed into one little book and I reassured the girls that the rest of the series wasn’t quite so intense, though it continues its craziness. We all also felt slightly less literate thanks to all the books Fforde referenced and quoted from, though we agreed it was fun to visit a world that idolized Milton, argued the origins of Shakespeare and could literally build a Stonk rifle out of words. I will freely admit that I’m biased since I love this series but I do think Sarah and Des enjoyed the book too, though they may not be as anxious as I was to move on to book two, “Lost in a Good Book.” (SO GOOD!)

We had a number of topics to cover that didn’t make it to the table at Maggianno’s in December (did you know they have a whole second dinner that they give you for fee?!) so we had a lot to cover. Here’s the gist:

  • Sarah hates everyone who uses two spaces after a sentence. She will cut you.
  • We concurred that Americans are dumb and have short attention spans and limited interest in any news that doesn’t directly effect them.
  • Even though Jen is Libertarian she thinks that taking a 200-lb. boy away from his mother for failure to manage his weight is allowable. She does believe, however, that it’s a state’s rights issue and should be handled with care (as in, I’m ok that the kid got handed off to an uncle instead)
  • Slate Magazine’s Random Questions section is fascinating, curious, and bizarre. In other news, why DO  boys like sticks so much??
  • For the first time since 1963, homicide isn’t on the list of the top 15 causes of death. Good news is now we’re dying of old age instead of violent crimes – though cancer and heart disease are still big issues. We agreed that none of us wants to live forever – we’d much rather travel through time or jump into books. 🙂

So that’s it – another Saloon in the books! – or in this case, in the “blog”. We’ll be heading to Sarah’s for the next event so the bionic woman can show off her new-found ability to read a book sans glasses – the book in question is “Cutting for Stone” by Abraham Verghese. Before we can get into that however, we have plans to make-up a movie day at Jen’s (missed over the holidays – my bad!) which will not be recapped here, mainly because no one needs to read about how awful “Center Stage” is. 😉

Thanks for reading! See ya next month!

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