Book Thief Recap- September Saloon

October 22, 2012 in recap

Normally I would feel bad about posting this recap so close to the next Saloon… but if you’ve noticed, my fellow bookclubbers post late, too. And so this is going up a FULL TWO DAYS BEFORE the next Saloon. Not to brag or anything.

Before we started anything, we spent a good bit of time playing with our phones. Jen and I got the new iPhone 5 and Sarah got the iPhone 4S. We were trying to figure some stuff out, and playing with them, etc. Technology is fun.

Jen started us off with awesome buffalo chicken dip. It was so good, I even ate celery! But soon, the celery was gone, so we moved on to pita chips. That dip disappeared quick! It was fab and I think she should make it again. Just sayin’. I made chicken and rice for the entree. It was okay. Everyone ate it, so it wasn’t terrible but I’ve made it better before. I think that’s just me being picky. After dinner, we usually wait a little bit before we eat dessert… but someone *cough* Tim *cough* wanted dessert right after dinner. And who could blame him? Sarah made a delicious, although slightly frosting/filling challenged, red velvet cake. She said there was something wrong with the frosting/filling but I don’t think we heard her over the sounds of us eating the cake. Yum!

This month, for the third, we were supposed to do something nice for a stranger. Since the third was Labor Day, some of us, I think just me, didn’t get it done on the third… but it’s the thought that counts and I did finally do something nice. I let a mom with kids go in front of me in the grocery store. Jen was nice to a neighbor kid, which might have backfired in the long run, and Sarah was nice to a friend. We let her have it because it was a really nice thing of her to do. Seriously.

The theme for the month was hopeful songs. Honestly, I don’t remember much of what we listened to except Sarah had a whole bunch of punky/emo songs from the early 2000s.

We read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak this month. It is a young adult novel about life in Germany during WWII. Overall, I think we all really enjoyed the book. Although, it being told from the perspective of Death made it difficult to be surprised by some things, as Death kind of gives spoilers of upcoming events. Jen was surprised that it was a book for high school aged kids, which is a valid point. Although it’s not nearly as graphic as some other books set during the same time period. It was nice to read a book set during WWII that wasn’t strictly about the Holocaust. Both Jen and Sarah took copies of the book to loan to their moms. Yay!

This month we talked about unwelcome house guests, not of the pest variety, either. It was fun to talk about situations in which we want our house guests to leave and proper house guest etiquette. Jen had us look at a picture of a creepy bug. It was a little cute but more creepy. Nature is weird, yo. We then discussed wanting to see the new Much Ado About Nothing, made by Joss Whedon. Whenever it comes to a theater near us. And finally, we talked about the concept of a free university and decided it would be good to learn skills there, but not for an actual degree.

Another Saloon in the bag. Can’t wait for the next one! Always good times. 🙂


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